Backyard Adventures

As the weather warms up, we're all itching to spend more time outside. From dinners al fresco to backyard camping adventures, these early summer evenings are perfect for outdoor time with family…

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What's Cooking?

Sharing meals and food can be a big part of our lives. Kitchens are often the busiest and most social rooms in our homes. Many stories are written about food-related traditions and experiences. 

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Tales2go Summer Listening Program is Here!


Many of you are already thinking about Summer Reading requirements for students. We know that adding a listening component supports students's reading ability. So this year, we hope you'll…

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Magnificent Moms

Mother, mom, momma, mommy, ma... 

The Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary defines the word 'mother' as either a noun - a female parent - or a verb - to treat someone with kindness and affection…

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5 Favorite Things About a Tales2go Building License

As School Library Month wraps up, we wanted to share 5 Favorite Things About a Tales2go Building License, according to current subscribers. As this is our most popular subscription offering,…

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Earth Day 2018: Ending Plastic Pollution

Earth Day is Sunday, the 22nd of April. This year’s focus is on changing behaviors about plastics. Organizers of the Earth Day campaign explain:

“From poisoning and injuring marine life to…

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Feature School: John Lyman Elementary

In honor of National School Library week, we're spotlighting Jenny Lussier at John Lyman Elementary in Middlefield, CT. Jenny is the Library Media Specialist at Lyman, and doing a fantastic job…

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain can put a real damper on your day if it means you can’t go out to play. But rain is an important part of the planet’s water cycle and can be interesting to study. So, the next time you’re…

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Spring has sprung!

It’s hard to tell with the chilly weather we’ve had in the DC area, but spring has officially begun and it’s nearly Easter! In today’s post, we’re encouraging Mother Nature to warm up a bit with…

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Audiobooks and English Learners

The population of students learning English as a second language, or English Learners (ELs) is one of the fastest growing groups. Most of these students are minorities from lower socio-economic…

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