The Effects of Audiobooks on English Language Learners

All students need to be able to read, listen, write and speak proficiently in order to achieve academic success, and subsequent college and career readiness. Receptive skills (reading and…

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The Importance of Multicultural Titles

We live in a multicultural world. America prides itself a melting pot made up of many different racial and ethnic groups. While the majority of Americans are still White (73%), population growth…

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Launching Tales2go

The post below was written by Corinne Altham, a technology integrator and librarian in Maine. Thank you for writing this informational post about getting started with Tales2go!

Launching a new…

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Audiobooks as Equity

We are all painfully aware of inequities in K12 education, sometimes even between schools within the same district. Last August, an article in The Atlantic detailed per pupil spending across…

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Featured Collection: Historic Speeches

Teaching with primary sources is important, but they can sometimes be tough to find. 

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Reading in a Different Way

This guest blog post was written by school librarian and audiobook advocate Kerry Lewarne. Thanks for this wonderful insight into your world of audiobooks!

With today being my 46th birthday, I can…

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Featured Collection: Historical Fiction

Since most students don't like to read from dry textbooks, reading historical fiction books is a great way to get them interested in history AND provide facts and knowledge they need.

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Featured Collection: Biographies

All good literacy programs include a balance of fiction and non-fiction texts for students. It's usually pretty simple to find those exciting fiction books that help teach a lesson or skill, but…

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Best Audiobooks for Summer Listening

Summer break is's time for relaxing, playing outside, swimming, vacations and...LISTENING!

If you've read any of our other summer posts, you know how essential literacy is to preventing…

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Once You Start Listening, You Just Can’t Stop!

This is a guest blog by Christine Lupia-Fugere, Librarian at Troy Hills School in Parsippany, NJ. Thanks for writing this teriffic post!

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