Tales2go Annual Subscriber Survey Results

We just completed our 2018 annual customer survey, and thought we’d share the results with the broader Tales2go community. Thanks to everyone who took the time to take the survey (teachers and librarians at currently subscribed schools). Highlights include:
58% of respondents were classified as "promoters" who would recommend
Tales2go to a friend or colleague (considered very good).
When asked what changes Tales2go would have to make to get a higher rating, responses included improved search/browsing functionality and to keep adding more titles. We agree and are happy to report that we continue to add roughly 100 new titles each month, and we’re soon to introduce a new and improved browsing structure.
School Description
Nearly 64% of respondents were librarians, in a cross-section of elementary, middle and high schools.
Over 80% of respondents had purchased either a building or library license, and 67% had been Tales2go subscribers for more than one year.
Why you like T2g
Ability for students to use at home and unlimited and simultaneous access to the catalog were respondents' favorite things about Tales2go.
Students Enjoy Listening to T2g
Most schools are using Tales2go with all students, and over 86% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “My students really enjoy listening to books and stories on Tales2go."
What do you do while listening
While nearly half of students just listened to Tales2go when using the service, some students drew pictures while they listened, filled out graphic organizers, followed along with an open book and/or took notes among other activities.
Frequency of Use
Over 50% of schools used Tales2go multiple times per week, and 36% of respondents said Tales2go was used as part of a classroom literacy rotation (e.g., The Daily 5). Finally, 94% of students use Tales2go at home, in addition to using it at school.
Finally, we’re happy to announce that Kim S. at the Randolph School is the lucky winner of the $50 gift card! Again, thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy end of year schedules to complete our survey. We appreciate the work each of you is doing to keep students excited and engaged!
If you're still not a subscriber, try a completely obligation-free, actually free trial!
Tales2go Free Trial

**Editor's Note: This post was written by Darcy Pattison, from Mims House, a publisher whose books are now available on Tales2go. This is an excerpted repost. Read more at Mims House.

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