Audio books are for everyone…here’s why

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Your family and students can listen to an unlimited amount of audio books for kids with a Tales2go subscription. That means in the classroom during literacy rotations, in the library as a whole group read aloud, while driving in the car, during snack time or as homework!

Audio books are constantly growing in popularity, but why?

1. A wide range of choices. This means there's something for everyone. From Clifford to Clementine, and The Hunger Games to Of Mice and Men, anything you want to listen to is available at the push of a button- no library check out required.

2. Hearing pronunciations of words and names. How often do you read a book and not know how to pronounce the main character's name, a medical term or city name? With audio books, you get the correct pronunciations of words and names in context.

3. Multitasking. For adults, listening to audio books while you're doing the dishes or laundry is a no-brainer! For kids, listening while playing with legos or hosting a tea party for your dolls is fun, too.

4. Bring out creativity and imagination. We always want our students to make pictures and visualizations in their minds- so why not draw them? Get a white board, blank comic strip or just a piece of paper and draw what you hear. This is often a great indicator of comprehension.

5. Bring your family closer together. Literature can connect family members in new ways. Listen to an audio book together, discuss it and even perform a play or draw illustrations to go with the story. If you listen to an audio book that's also a movie, watch the movie after you listen and compare!

6. No/less screen time. Kids CAN still learn without an interactive game or app. Of course someone will need to use the computer or mobile device to find the title you're looking for, but after that, no screen time! Just listen.

7. Hear fluently read professionally read texts. Similar to hearing pronunciations of words and names (#2 above), hearing phrasing correctly helps you make sense of stories. It's also a great way for English Language Learners to understand expression while reading.

8. New vocabulary. Audio books allow you to hear vocabulary used in context and pronounced correctly. This is essential for kids- no decoding required.

Let us know any other reasons why audio books are so popular for your family or school. If you don't have a subscription yet or want to learn more about Tales2go, visit our main website at

Happy listening!


**Editor's Note: This post was written by Darcy Pattison, from Mims House, a publisher whose books are now available on Tales2go. This is an excerpted repost. Read more at Mims House.

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