Back to School 2016-2017

Welcome back to a new school year! To get started with your Tales2go audiobooks subscription at school, follow the 5 easy steps below...

(If you are looking for information to send home to parents, visit our blog post about engaging with parents where you'll find a letter and login guide to send home.)

1. Train yourself and your staff



2. Login ALL School-owned devices

Download this login guide for your school. Make sure you know your School ID and Password. Contact us if you don't know it.



3. Activate student IDs (if applicable)

Send an updated roster to Student IDs and Password for each student are given in order to bookmark titles (see login guide) and also to login ONE device at home.

Download and edit the Parent Letter & Login Guide to send home for information on using Tales2go at home.


4. Advertise and Promote!

Encourage listening on Tales2go by giving bookmarks out to your students.

Tales2Go Bookmarks (Grades 1-2)

Tales2Go Bookmarks (Grades 3-5)

Tales2Go Bookmarks (Grades 6-8)


5. Know where to find resources



For years, homeschooling parents have incorporated audiobooks as part of their daily school routines. Audiobooks help readers of all ages to more easily appreciate stories and understand complex…

The post below was written by Corinne Altham, a technology integrator and librarian in Maine. Thank you for writing this informational post about getting started with Tales2go!

Launching a new…

This is a guest blog by Christine Lupia-Fugere, Librarian at Troy Hills School in Parsippany, NJ. Thanks for writing this teriffic post!

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