Book Talks, Book Clubs and Listening All Around

Hello listeners!

Since every classroom is unique, we are always looking for new ways to use their Tales2Go audiobook subscription in diverse settings, other than just adding listening to your literacy rotations (though that's always a GREAT way to incorporate audio books, of course!)

Here are three educational ideas plus a wonderfully informative poster from D.E.A.R. to remind you of the benefits of audio books and how to get started in your classroom.

1. Play "teasers" or "book talks" of a few stories students can choose from for the day, week or during a unit. This will get students interested in some stories they may not otherwise choose. Some fun and engaging examples are:

penelope and the pirate

*A Chocolate Brown Balloon (Grades PreK-K)
*Penelope the Purple Pirate (Grades PreK-K)
*The Teacher from the Black Lagoon (Grades 1-2)
*Growing Up With Tamales (Grades 1-2)
*Ivy and Bean (Grades 3-5)
*Clementine and the Spring Trip (Grades 3-5)
*The Center of Everything (Grades 3-5)
*The Saturdays (Grades 6-8)
*Riding Trees: Denny & I (Grades 6-8)
*The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Young Adult)
*The Lion of St. Mark (Young Adult)

2. Have an "Audio Book of the Week" in your classroom. You can print out a picture of the cover, or just write it on the board. If students listen at school or home to the "Audio Book of the Week" and complete an activity (see our graphic organizers) you can give out a homework pass, or extra time on the computer, etc. at the end of the week.

3. Start student book clubs. These clubs do not have to be equal, and student do not have to be on the same reading level. This is a wonderful way to get students excited about reading, and not feeling like they have to read because it's an assignment. Each book club could have a monthly theme or topic. Here are some ideas:

*Series (each month could be a series like Clementine, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Boxcar Children, etc.)
*Award winners (Newbery, etc.)
*Science (Magic School Bus, etc.)
*Spooky Stories

Students can use some ideas on the detailed poster below to make the most out of their book club.


That's all for now! Happy listening :)

**Editor's Note: This post was written by Darcy Pattison, from Mims House, a publisher whose books are now available on Tales2go. This is an excerpted repost. Read more at Mims House.

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