Case Study: Robison Middle School

School Stories Robison MiddleLAs the hashtag goes, sharing is caring! We care about all our subscribers and love that you are always coming up with fun new ways to engage students. So occasionally, we like to highlight your school stories and share how some clever librarians and teachers are using Tales2go. 

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Today's Case Study is about Robison Middle School. We're taking a look at how Teacher-Librarian Soraya Laboy has gotten off to a smashing start with Tales2go!

School: Dell H. Robison Middle School
Tales2go Champion: Soraya Laboy
Title: Middle School Teacher-Librarian

What's the big idea?

Robison Bulletin BoardSoraya promotes audiobooks throughout her school and it's definitely paid off! Her principal hosts a monthly book club, and this year, they selected titles that were available in print and on Tales2go. As Soraya says, "this audio support has been great for the kids since they get a physical copy of the book, but they can listen as well. Also, there are some kids who just prefer to 'ear read' and they have signed up without taking a copy of the book. It has been a great success."

For an elective class called "Books to Film," one teacher is focusing on The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. Soraya wasn't able to squeeze a full set of hard copy books into her budget, but because the book is available on Tales2go, all the students have individual access to listen at their own pace. They are able to share books in class and can listen on Chromebooks or personal devices at home. The bonus to this situation is that students who might struggle to read if only provided the print book can keep pace with the class by using the audiobook version!

It's not just a student resource! Though she promotes usage amongst students at school, Soraya also uses Tales2go in the car, commuting to and from school and to catch up on her own book club reading.

Teacher's Notes (Thoughts from Soraya):

"I highly recommend T2G! I think it is an incredibly affordable service for an entire school community. It helps us with differentiation for those students who are still striving readers- they can access books readily. I've given out free earbuds just to promote the service to the kids. Although I've done some parent outreach I'm planning on more during the next literacy night.
I'm thinking of creating a mini-bookmark with instructions on how to log in, and attach a set of earbuds."
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