Feature School: John Lyman Elementary


In honor of National School Library week, we're spotlighting Jenny Lussier at John Lyman Elementary in Middlefield, CT. Jenny is the Library Media Specialist at Lyman, and doing a fantastic job encouraging listening and literacy with audiobooks. Lyman Elementary has a Library License that Jenny first introduced during class time in the school library.

To introduce the new tool to teachers and students, Jenny created a video to showing how to use Tales2go and invited people to visit the library before or after school for a quick tutorial. She also demonstrated how simple it is to find a story and let students try it out for two weeks during library time with each class. Once students were familiar with the program, she opened up the checkout process and students started taking licenses home right away! Students at Lyman are loving listening to stories together at school and continuing to listen using lendable licenses at home. Teachers are excited that struggling readers have an enticing way to keep up with their peers and beginning readers are encouraged by the content they crave.

Click here to read the whole story over in our Case Studies section.

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