Happy Galentine's Day!


In honor of Galentine’s Day next week, we have a roundup of stories for, by, and about strong gals! February 13th is gaining popularity as a day to celebrate strong women, girls, and friendship. Stories and biographies about women are current trending topics, and Galentine’s Day might be the perfect day to introduce some fresh perspectives into your curriculum or personal repertoire.

Whether you’re new to Galentine’s Day, or have been celebrating for years, we’ve got you covered with classroom activities, decoration ideas, and of course, listening recommendations for every age. For those who haven’t heard of Galentine’s Day or just to get everyone in the mood, we suggest encouraging everyone to listen to a story about amazing women. Not only will the stories motivate your team, you’ll also have great conversation starters when you get together on the 13th! Squeeze a story in to make your commute more exciting, or as a way to wind down from the day – bedtime stories are great for all ages!

It’s a Party!

History has traditionally highlighted the accomplishments of men, but there are plenty of female achievements and innovations to be celebrated! Remind yourself, students, friends, and colleagues of the myriad contributions of women.

If you’re feeling festive, a quick Pinterest search yields all kinds of Galentine’s Day invite ideas for fancy soirees to pajama parties.

  • For classroom celebrations, here’s a flyer to send home for parents
  • For far-away friends, print and send a Galentine’s Day card to tell them why you cherish their friendship! Each card comes with a Galentine’s Day themed listening recommendation on the back. Younger students can practice addressing envelopes appropriately while older students can try their hands at a little poetry or friendly sonnet writing.

Get Creative!

Valentine’s Day decorations are out in force in all the stores, and many can serve double duty. If you’re feeling a little more creative, here are some ideas you might try for the library, classroom, or at home.

  • So many different types of paper heart garlands
  • Use this list of complimentary words to make a word clouds for characters in a story as you listen. Then use the same list (or write your own!) to describe why you’re friends with your classmates.
  • Make some multi-purpose cereal hearts to decorate your room for Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day and then feed your bird friends! LEARNING BONUS: This is a great activity to do while listening to a story!
  • Grab some cookie cutters to create a whole menu of tasty Galentine treats 
2018 Feb Galentine Snacks.jpg


Have Fun and Spread Kindness!

Teachers, listen to a shorter title and discuss the themes, like strong women, friendship, and ways in which characters show compassion and support for others. Librarians, consider a display of powerful female protagonists! Check out our recommendations below for some ideas. If you’re hosting a gathering, consider a group activity to make some Valentines for local friends: members of an elderly community, first responders, or veterans!  

2018 Galentines PreK.jpg2018 Galentines Elem.jpg2018 Galentines MS.jpg2018 Galentines HS.jpg

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