Snowy Story Days

Snowing Outside

It's that time of year again - when students follow the weather reports closely, wear their pajamas backwards, and choreograph snow dances. Everyone loves a snow day! They're great for catching up on tasks that never manage to get done, having time to really enjoy your coffee, building snowmen, and making snow friends. But did you know snow days are also great days for enjoying stories? Students can frolic and play while improving their vocabularies and fluency - just by listening to audiobooks. In this series of winter posts, we'll be featuring listening activities you can share with parents, co-workers, and students. There's sure to be something for listeners of all ages. Cabin fever affects everyone and we hope these ideas will help keep those winter wiggles at bay!

These ideas require a little preparation, but are sure to keep kids (of all ages!) happy and occupied. Stock up on supplies now while the craft stores are having their holiday sales and you'll have everything you need for snow days later in the season!

Craft Projects

Slime Dough

Worry-Free Slime| Sparkly Play Dough | Gingerbread Slime

Stock up on some sale kits to keep in a closet for last minute listening activities or as a planned project if you'll be entertaining over the break.

Craft Projects

Books and Baking

Baking with books

Build a Gingerbread House | Snowman Cupcakes | Classic Sugar Cookies

Enjoy a story while decorating cookies or cupcakes, or build a gingerbread house.

Baking and Books

Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

Paper Leaf Garland | 5 Types of Paper Garlands | Traditional Popcorn Garland

Stretch a creative session by engaging minds and fingers at the same time. Gather your makers and materials and then start a story as they start their projects. You'll have yards and yards of decorations!


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