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Have you ever listened to a really good story from a family member, a friend, a podcast, a TED Talk or an audiobook? Did it make you want to close your eyes and imagine it? Did you maybe even retell it later? The power and art of storytelling goes back thousands of years. We can keep it alive by sharing storytelling with our students.

Between the thousands audio books for kids within Tales2go’s catalog, you’ll find hundreds of titles written and/or narrated by extraordinary storytellers. 

With lively voices such as Bill Harley, Bil Lepp, Jim May, Kevin Cordi and Mrs. P (Kathy Kinney), your students will learn the art of storytelling through original and classic stories.

Check out this blog post written by the CEO of August House, that explains the importance of listening to stories.

Here are some stories available on Tales2go that your students might like this summer:


  • High Dive by Bill Harley
  • Zanzibar by Bill Harley
  • The Teacher in the Patriotic Bathing Suit by Bil Lepp
  • Humpty WAS the Dumpty by Bil Lepp
  • Sleeping Beauty read by Mrs. P (Kathy Kinney)
  • The Inexperienced Ghost read by Mrs. P (Kathy Kinney)
  • The Uglified Ducky by Willy Claflin
  • Little Red Riding Tunes by Willy Claflin
  • Lazy Jack by Mike Lockett
  • How Sly Fox Ruined His Dinner by Mike Lockett
  • The Stinking Dragon by Lenny Del Seamonds
  • The Time When Stories Were Outlawed by Kevin Cordi 
  • Listen to the Animals by Kevin Cordi
  • Pretty Chicken by Kathy Hunter
  • Beanstalk (Dorktales) by Jonathan Murphy
  • Aesop's Story Begins by Diane Ferlatte
  • The Boo Babies by Jim May

What are your favorite stories on Tales2go? Comment below to let us know!

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**Editor's Note: This post was written by Darcy Pattison, from Mims House, a publisher whose books are now available on Tales2go. This is an excerpted repost. Read more at Mims House.

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