Spring break listening suggestions

It's spring break...that calls for sunshine, catching up on sleep and just relaxing (what's that??!)

Whether you are having a "staycation," going somewhere exotic, or maybe something in between, always bring audio books for the ride.

As for your students, keep them listening to reading over the break, too! Here are a few ideas to keep their ears and minds happy :)

1. Depending on grade level, appropriately assign your students an amount of minutes or certain books to listen to.

Spring Break Favorite Titles

2. Have your students keep track of listening minutes using a log. Here is an example.

Listening Log

3. Send home some reading responses or graphic organizers for your students to complete.

Main Idea and Details

Sequencing a Story


Thanks "Teacherific in 2nd Grade"
Thanks "Teacherific in 2nd Grade"



What other assignments do you send home for spring break?

Happy listening, and happy spring break!

Stephanie :)

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