St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, celebrated around the globe as a cultural and religious holiday. Here are some festive ideas to help support your curriculum, keep your leprechauns out of mischief, and engaged.  Plus, some great listening - including the story of the patron saint himself.

Listening Activities:

These listening activities are sure to teach even most mischievous leprechauns a thing or two. Adapt them for your particular group and let us know how they enjoy!

2018 March Shamrock Activities.jpg

  • Decorate your space with some lucky paper shamrocks
  • You know those pens every teacher has with the flowers attached to them? Try making a set of shamrock ones with this paper shamrock tutorial.
  • Try listening to a story for transition times. Help students focus by setting them a quiet activity like coloring while they listen.
  • Encourage compassion by filling out these wish shamrocks in which students record their wishes for others before writing one for themselves.
  • Teach gratitude with this Reasons I’m Lucky shamrock lesson.
  • Stringing beads is an amazing fine and gross motor activity. When the string (or pipe cleaner for easier threading!) is kept horizontal, guiding the beads along helps students with motor skill difficulty cross midlines and improve dexterity. It’s a calming activity for students of all ages and you can create beautiful rainbow bracelets like these!

St. Patrick’s Day Treats:

  • Dress up plain crispy cereal treats with some Lucky Charms like Kim of The ChocolateTess. Have you heard that Lucky Charms are getting a new charm marshmallow?
  • While you’ve got the Lucky Charms out, why not draw up a quick graph showing how many of each charm marshmallows show up in each cup. More advanced mathematicians can turn this into a group project and find the averages of each charm type – means, medians, and modes are all more fun with marshmallows!
  • If you’re looking for a healthier treat, try a fruit rainbow with just a few golden chocolate treats at the end.

Listening Suggestions:

2018 Mar St Pats.jpg2018 Mar St Pats2.jpg Ideas and activities to use with audiobooks

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