A Tale of Two Classrooms

It's "busy season" here at Tales2go. Teachers and students are excited to get their listening stations up and running. That means lots of new classrooms and schools, trainings, webinars, Skype calls and e-mails! Please reach out if you want to set up a training to learn more about listening to audiobooks on Tales2go :)

Ms. MacInnes's 3rd grade class, for example, viewed a "live demo" of Tales2go using Skype. They have a classroom license to use with Tales2go audiobooks. They are ready to get listening!

ms macinnes class2ms macinnes class

I shared my screen to show the kiddos what Tales2go looks like (we listened to portions of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and a Magic Schoolbus title), how to bookmark titles, and login at home. Thanks, Ms. MacInnes for sharing a bit of your morning with Tales2go :)

Then we have Ms. Freedman's class! They also have a classroom license on Tales2go. Students chose titles and listened on classroom devices with earphones. They will also be able to listen at home!

Ms. Freedman's class

Check out Ms. Freedman's blog about their first experience with Tales2go. One of my favorite quotes from her student is:

“If someone already read the book but did not understand what they are reading they could go on there and reread it. It also helps with words they do not understand.”

So true! Thanks, Ms. Freedman for posting about Tales2go :)

Do YOU have photos or blogs you would like to share with others? Or would you like to setup a training or webinar? Contact us here.

Happy listening!

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We believe children need to be good listeners before they can become great readers. We also believe that listening skills lead to better writing skills - for many of the same reasons.

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