Audiobooks as Equity

We are all painfully aware of inequities in K12 education, sometimes even between schools within the same district. Last August, an article in The Atlantic detailed per pupil spending across…

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Reading in a Different Way

This guest blog post was written by school librarian and audiobook advocate Kerry Lewarne. Thanks for this wonderful insight into your world of audiobooks!

With today being my 46th birthday, I can…

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A Great Addition to Reading Instruction at Van Meter

The following is a post written by Teacher Librarian and Tales2go user, Kim James. Thank you for sharing your Tales2go experience, Kim!

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The Many Ways to Use Tales2go

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April Is School Library Month

Hi listeners!

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Featured: The Alcuin School

The Alcuin School in Dallas is showing Tales2go that they are not only great listeners, but all around avid readers! They just had a book fair where books were flying off the shelves. This blog…

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