The Games of the XXIII Olympiad

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Just a few weeks from now, on the 9th of February, fans worldwide will tune in to watch, listen, and follow the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. With records dating back to 776 BC, the Olympic Games celebrate human achievement and ability. The modern Olympics endeavor to promote world peace through sports and friendly competition. Athletes must qualify based on ability and compete under the Olympic Oath – to compete fairly, with a spirit of good sportsmanship and friendship.

Prepare to cheer on your favorite winter athletes by brushing up on your knowledge of winter sports, the Olympics themselves, and the lives and grueling routines of Olympic level athletes. Today, we present some listening recommendations for sports related titles along with some fun and engaging activities to try at school or at home!

Set the Stage

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Get into the spirit of the Games by decorating your home or classroom for the event. Maybe even host a watch party for the Opening Ceremonies!

Olympic Origins in Greek Mythology

Brush up on your knowledge of the Greek gods and the fascinating myths about them. Listen to the myths in class or as homework to get everyone acquainted and then dive in with these activities to encourage real comprehension and understanding.

  • Play a version of “Heads Up” or “Taboo” using Greek gods as the mystery words
  • Create faux social media pages, resumes, or diary entries for a god or goddess
  • Put together a newspaper with student-authored articles reporting the gods’ and goddesses’ varied adventures. The paper can be set in ancient or modern times to stretch students’ creative thinking. 

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Study the Sports

The first Winter Olympics, in 1924, included six sports. This year’s Olympians will compete in 15 sports, including eight new medal events. Listen to some athletes’ stories or check out stories about the sports themselves. Then challenge yourselves to your own Olympiad with these winter weather friendly, indoor versions of winter sports.

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