4 Ways to Just Do Your Best

How is everyone doing this week? We're enjoying all your posts on Instagram and Twitter, showing how you're making the most of our new normal. We know there is just a lot of information out there, so this week's post is short and succinct. We thought we'd share some things we've heard from you - ways to feel better in four quick bites.

1. Make Decisions Together Family Meeting

This is advice we've heard over and over - involve your children in making choices. In stressful times, even young children can feel the tension in the people around them. Making decisions about activities, meal plans, and scheduling can help everyone feel a little more in control. 

2. Keep a Schedule


Following closely on making decisions together, keeping some kind of schedule helps retain a sense of normalcy. You don't have to wake up as early, thanks to shorter commute times, and you don't have to spend as much time getting dressed, but having some kind of time-sensitive anchors throughout the day can be beneficial. Maybe everyone eats meals together, or gathers for family story time every afternoon. One family shares stories of their day every evening. Even though they're all in the same house, each person has a unique perspective!

3. Get Movingyoung girl jumping in air

From practicing TikTok dances to full fledged workouts, we see you all staying active. Find one thing to get your heart rate up each day. Bonus points if your whole quaran-team does it together! Remember to tag us so we can keep up with what you're doing!

4. Calm Downyellow mug of coffee, old books, candle, glasses, and a blanket

Between the ever-evolving news and keeping things going, anxiety levels are high. Take time each day to calm yourself down. Put on a meditation track, set yourself a timer (if you want), and doodle, journal, or color. Give yourself the gift of a few moments of calm.

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