April Is School Library Month

Hi listeners!

I had a great opportunity last Monday to exhibit for Tales2Go at the IASL conference in Des Moines. This was a "super" conference to be a part of! (The conference was titled "Make Your Library Epic: Be Your Own Superhero") I met so many great librarians and media specialists, some who already have, use and love Tales2Go and some who are going to start soon. 

aasl des moines 2015
Jennifer LaGarde (AKA Library Girl) was the keynote speaker with TONS of insight about libraries today on how to make the most of your library/media center.


After talking with some media specialists who spend hours and hours each week preparing lessons for their students, I realized that one of the best things about Tales2Go is that you don't have to load stories onto devices. It's all streaming, unlimited and on-demand. That makes SO much less work for you so you can focus on the kids! Think of it as our gift to you... Happy School Library Month :)

Listening to reading with audiobooks is one exciting and educational way you can enhance your library. From literacy centers to read alouds to pairing Tales2Go with physical books, there's so much you can do- even if your library classes are only 30 minutes! Here are some ideas:

  • Use Tales2Go as a read aloud with your class. You can choose a title based on a topic or unit the students are studying or just fun fiction or non-fiction stories.
    • For the little ones, you may want to start out with a story like The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen, Goldilocks and Three Bears, Stone Soup or The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
    • Do a Reader's Theatre with your students- even have them act out the story like robots, babies, or grandparents...get their imaginations flowing :)
    • For the older students, you can use the bookmark feature and listen to a portion during each class. Some great read alouds include Clementine, The Infinity Ring Series, and The Curse of the Bambino.
  • While some students are checking out physical books, have other students at a listening center. Students can listen to books chosen by you, or from lists created by you or pre-created lists made by Tales2Go (find these under "Lesson Plan Titles.")


Find this from your homepage by clicking on "Lesson Plan Titles"


  • Create a "Tales2Go" section of your library. Fill this section with titles that match the Tales2Go audio book version. Find printable labels to stick on each book here. Some examples that you might have:
    • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    • Clifford
    • Magic School Bus
    • The Red Badge of Courage
    • Johnny Tremain
    • Peter Pan
    • A Bad Case of Stripes
    • ...and many more library favorites!
  • Have pre-printed copies of graphic organizers and allow students to choose one to complete while they are listening.
  • Provide students with white boards and markers to draw their mental images.


girl drawing
Students can erase after each chapter or scene.


How do YOU use Tales2Go in your library? We'd love to hear even more ideas!

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