Audio Books Are For All Learners

Girl listening to audiobooks

Have you heard that audio books are great for struggling readers? Yes, it's true, but listening to a story is great for ALL readers (and non-readers!)

Whether your students are struggling, advanced, English Language Learners or right on track, audio books provide a way for students to hear fluent, expressive spoken language without decoding text. Here are some great ways for you to integrate audio books into your school, library, classroom, or at home.

For a struggling or reluctant reader, have them listen to fiction audio books that spark their interest. They are going to hear vocabulary they might have previously gotten stuck on. Just listening (see the previous blog post) takes away any distractions and allows for a different input of the content. Teachers can use Tales2Go as a read aloud for students at all levels, as well as with small group guided reading where each group listens to a different title, discusses and responds to it.

The students in any classroom have a variety of reading levels. For those students who are above their reading level, challenge them to listen to more difficult texts (1-2 grade levels beyond.) This is similar to struggling readers, where they won't be stuck on words, and will understand the new vocabulary quickly. Make a list of possible genres, topics, titles or authors the kids are allowed to listen to and post it by the listening station if you have one.

Think about being in a new country where you don't know the language. You have always heard "immersion is the best way to learn a new language," right? For our English Language Learners, the more spoken text they are exposed to, the better! If students have a separate teacher for ELL (or ESOL, ESL, etc.) introduce them to Tales2Go so they can listen, discuss and respond together.

The Common Core State Standards (for those states and territories still with us!) raise listening to the same height as reading, writing and speaking. This means students are needing to interpret information presented orally more than ever. We are not forgetting about our students on grade level reading. This is just as relevant to them!

Overall, students just love listening. Tales2Go has provided thousands of students with a fun, new approach to vocabulary and fluent reading.

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Happy listening!

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