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5 Easy to Implement SEL Strategies for Your Classroom

[The following article was initially published by Teacher Created Materials on 08/30/21. The content is used with permission from Teacher Created Materials.]

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Creating an Inclusive Collection

Today's post is a guest post we're excited to bring to you from teacher and librarian, Jennifer LaGarde, aka The Library Girl.

The school library is often a place of comfort for students. It's a…

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Earth Day Action

This week, we are excited to hear from educator and researcher, Alyssa Harben. Alyssa is an Academic Specialist at Michigan State University's School of Packaging, and is passionate about educating…

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Heroes of History Guides

Our friends over at Dorktales Storytime Podcast are sharing some FUNtastic activity guides to accompany their Hidden Heroes of History titles. Each activity guide is tailored specifically to each…

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Listen Up Like Goleta Valley Junior High

Goleta Valley Junior High School is proving that challenges can help us grow by pushing us out of our comfort zones. Amidst all the teaching and learning challenges of the past year, these students…

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New Podcast: DorkTales!

We're excited to welcome the DorkTales Story Time Podcast to the Tales2go family! 

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JB's Favorite Chillers

Our top ops guy, John, is a connoisseur of spooky stories. This week he's sharing his favorites in this special edition virtual bookshelf! So if you're looking for something to put you in the mood to…

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Case Study: Pottsville Middle Grades School

This year has librarians and teachers refreshing their libraries and lessons and finding new ways to get students excited about listening and reading. This week, we're taking a closer look at one…

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Build Literacy Skills with Children with Dyslexia

** This is a guest post, written by contributor Jenny Holt.

Between 5 and 11 percent of American students have dyslexia, according to a study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal. Parents…

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Little Listening Corners

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