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Representation Matters

The first time I really identified with a character was in eighth grade. Our school librarian displayed new titles in the library with short descriptions of each story. As soon as I read the…

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Need a Getaway?

The days are still short, the weather isn’t great, and we’re all starting to get a little restless. Sounds dour, but we think it’s actually the perfect time for a little mindset recharge and…

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Tales of the Heart

Love stories are uplifting and help us to remember all the good there is in the world. Of course, when we see the phrase 'love story,' there's a specific kind of story that comes to mind. But,…

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Celebrating Black History

Every February, we celebrate Black History Month by highlighting some new additions to the library. This past year, we've added more titles than ever! To keep this post reasonable, we're still…

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Create a Virtual Bookshelf

Virtual bookshelves are an easy way to personalize literacy engagement for any group - students, clubs, teachers, and parents! These little libraries help students find titles in the same way that…

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Snow Daze

Here on the East Coast, we're getting our first taste of winter weather and that has us all excited for a Snow Day! We've got our pjs on back to front (because that helps encourage the clouds to…

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Celebrate the Season

Now that it's officially December, we're dreaming up ways to celebrate the season. Our celebrations are likely to look a little different this year (so goes the story of 2020), but that doesn't…

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Thank You Notes

Hooray! If you're reading this, give yourself a little pat on the back - you've made it to the end of November! It has certainly been a year for the history books, and we think that makes this…

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Teacher Toolbox

Nobody needs to tell us that teaching is a tough job. We all have our tried and true tools to work through the challenging situations. But a new idea or perspective is always welcome. There isn't…

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Native American Heritage Month

How do you incorporate Native American history into your curriculum? A history of the United States is certainly incomplete without discussion of the peoples who lived with, cultivated, and cared…

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