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Spotlight on Storytellers


Have you ever listened to a really good story from a family member, a friend, a podcast, a TED Talk or an audiobook? Did it make you want to close your eyes and imagine it? Did you maybe even…

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Preventing the Summer Slide with Audiobooks

Do you ever notice blank stares from your students at the beginning of the school year followed by their inability to recall information you know they mastered last year? Unfortunately, most teachers…

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5 Ways to Encourage a Love of Literacy with Audiobooks

The overall goal is for our students to become proficient readers. Each student takes a different journey to reach proficiency, but there are many ways educators can setup literacy instruction to…

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Pairing Audiobooks with Text

To pair or not to pair, that is the question.

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Best Audiobook Series for Elementary Students

We often get asked for suggestions of audiobook titles for students to listen to. We know that students want new, fun and popular titles, while educators want engaging, educational and relatable…

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Audiobooks and Listening for All Readers

Most educators know that audio books are great for struggling readers. It's true, but listening to reading is actually great for ALL students.

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Audio Books for Kids: The Right Choice for Schools

Ninety percent of the 90,000 U.S. public schools have a library media center, and the vast majority of those include audio books in their collection. Most librarians understand that listening to…

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Audiobooks and State Listening Standards

As educators, you know first hand that states and districts adopt standards to provide consistent instruction to students in all subjects. Standards range from general knowledge about a subject to…

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Ghouls, Spooks, and Hiking Boots

**This post is a contribution from freelance writer Jenny Holt, author of multiple blogs and articles about haunted hikes throughout the US. After reading this post, check out Tales2go's own blog…

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Why Children Must be Good Listeners Before They Can Become Great Readers

Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s never been easier to use audio books in classrooms, libraries, at home and on the go. The value and timeless tradition of oral language remains intact and…

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