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William Weil is a co-founder and the CEO of Tales2go Audiobooks.
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Tales2go Annual Subscriber Survey Results

We just completed our 2018 annual customer survey, and thought we’d share the results with the broader Tales2go community. Thanks to everyone who took the time to take the survey (teachers and…
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5 Favorite Things About a Tales2go Building License

As School Library Month wraps up, we wanted to share 5 Favorite Things About a Tales2go Building License, according to current subscribers. As this is our most popular subscription offering,…

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Advantages of Audiobooks in Urban Neighborhoods

Educators and state and municipal officials have been trying to improve literacy rates in urban, low-income neighborhoods for decades. Despite spending untold millions of dollars and trying multiple…

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The Irresistible Power of Storytelling

During Super Bowl XLVIII (2014), Budweiser introduced its now famous "Puppy Love" commercial. If you don't remember the commercial, it tells the story of a young lab puppy who manages to befriend and…

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The Effects of Audiobooks on English Language Learners

All students need to be able to read, listen, write and speak proficiently in order to achieve academic success, and subsequent college and career readiness. Receptive skills (reading and listening)…

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The Importance of Multicultural Titles

We live in a multicultural world. America prides itself a melting pot made up of many different racial and ethnic groups. While the majority of Americans are still White (73%), population growth is…

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Audiobooks as Equity

We are all painfully aware of inequities in K12 education, sometimes even between schools within the same district. Last August, an article in The Atlantic detailed per pupil spending across…

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