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Getting back into the swing of school can be challenging, and we want to reduce as much start of semester stress as we can. That's why we've compiled this quick checklist of items to help ensure you're not only ready for the school year, but that your campaign to #listenup will be a resounding success!

For All Subscription Types

  • Check to see that all your devices are updated with the latest software.
  • If your school reformats hard drives, or clears cookies over the summer, you may need to log into your devices again using the school account. 

For Building, Classroom, and Individual Device Subscriptions

  • Send us your updated student and staff rosters, so we can ensure that everyone who is supposed to have access has full use of their included licenses
  • Schools who are using Google Single Sign On may need to ask students to login again the first time.

Research validates the importance of listening to stories

Online Resources

Visit our Implementation Resources page for everything you need to get students and staff aware and listening! Print stickers to put on hard copy books that are available on Tales2go. Print and display shelf talkers as visual reminders that audiobooks are available. Print bookmarks to hand out so students can easily scan the QR code and download the free app to their personal devices for listening at home. 

Human Help

Remember that real, human help is part of your subscription, so if you have questions about any of the items above, please reach out to us! We are available to screen share with you to remind you of how everything works, we can host webinars for your staff, and we're always happy to help brainstorm ways to get your students using #HowIListen

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