Backyard Adventures

Backyard Tent

As the weather warms up, we're all itching to spend more time outside. From dinners al fresco to backyard camping adventures, these early summer evenings are perfect for outdoor time with family and friends. This week's listening suggestions include titles to help get you excited for summer and maybe even inspire you to plan a backyard adventure or two of your own!

Let's Go Camping

The first camping trip of the summer is special and often much anticipated. These stories will get you and your fellow campers excited while you pack your tents and drive to the campgrounds.

2018 May Camping

Not quite ready for a full campsite experience? The backyard can be more wild than you think! Pitch a tent on your lawn, unroll your sleeping bags inside and learn about nature a little closer to home.

2018 May Animal Habitats

When it gets too dark to search for animal friends, swap spooky campfire stories for soothing bedtime stories for younger backyard campers.

2018 May Bedtime Stories

Sliding into Summer

Camping isn't for everyone, but that doesn't mean your summer won't still be full of adventure and intrigue. These titles share tales of some very interesting summers indeed.

2018 May Summer Stories

Looking for more summer titles?

Listening to stories is a fun and easy way to combat the summer slide! Get our summer listening recommendations for each grade level right here:

Tales2go Summer Listening Program

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