Beach Reads


Whether you're headed for the beach or pool this weekend, count on us to pack the stories! What could be better than relaxing in the first sun of the season while enjoying a great book? We can think of a few things to make that picture even more perfect. Close your eyes and enjoy a story with no worries about sunglasses tan. Not sure which title is going to suit your mood when you finally make it to your destination? Not to worry - you can change your mind any time! Today's post is full of titles to help you get your summer started off right. Listen in the car, in the sun, as a family, or to wind down alone. With over 9,000 titles in the catalog, there's something for everyone. So go ahead and squeeze in that extra outfit because you don't need to save space for books!

Family Fun

Long car ride ahead? Immerse the entire family in a mystery, learn about amphibians, or take a peek into history! Remember that you can start a story while you're at home on WiFi, then turn off cellular data and leave your WiFi range, while still listening. Allow a few minutes for the story to cache to your device after clicking on a title and remember not to exit the app entirely. 

Family Fun Stories

Summer Stories

Lose yourself in a story about the sea, a special bird, or the turmoil of teenage life. Summer reading might be a requirement, but that doesn't mean it can't also be fun!

Summer Stories

Looking for More?

Summer Listening HeaderIf you haven't yet, be sure to check out our Summer Listening Program. Downloadable checklists are available for every grade - each full of current titles to interest every student. 

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