Black History Month 2018

Even though Black History Month is wrapping up, any day can be a great day to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans throughout our nation's history. We'd like to help you finish up the month strong, with some additional inspiring titles about some amazing historical figures. Plus, scroll down for a collaborative project that can be easily adapted for any age range to provide a creative perspective of Black History!

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Freedom Quilts

Some historians believe that Freedom Quilts were used as a method of coded communication by members of the Underground Railroad. Look up some quilt patterns, codes, or download our templates to create your own paper or fabric quilt!

Show Way.jpg

  • Teach elementary students about the Underground Railroad and talk about how it was difficult to pass along information, leading to the quilt designs. Download and print our simple designs for students to color while they listen to a story.
  • Add a second learning point for older elementary students by using our line drawings of simple quilt blocks to color in the shapes based on the answers to math problems or themed words. You can also use the line drawings as a template for paper collages. Choose images from magazines that describe a particular theme or person.
  • Middle school students can design their own quilt blocks and take measurements to write out designs. Ask students to trade their final lists of dimensions with a partner to check their work by seeing if their partner is able to recreate the design.
  • High schoolers can use principles of geometry and trigonometry to design their own quilt blocks. For an extra challenge, create the blocks with fabric and introduce the need for adding a seam allowance!

Looking for more Black History Month titles and activities? Check out our post from last year!

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