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** This guest post was written by blog contributor, Jenny Holt.

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Creating the perfect reading spot for kids in your home


Not only will listening to stories help your child develop their literacy skills, support brain development and help them learn to build empathy, but it can also really help to strengthen the relationship and deepen the bond between you and your child. Sharing these special moments with your child, and having gentle discussions about the stories and their meaning and morals, will help you and your child to really connect with one another. 

The earlier you introduce listening to your child, the better, as this way you can help spark and develop a love for stories, reading, and books from an early age, this will support their development in numerous ways, giving them a head start and building a foundation for success at school, as well as benefitting them later in life.

Creating a dedicated reading space

Creating a cosy, warm and comfortable reading space for your child will give them all the more reason to fall in love with reading. Decorating the space with different story characters, stuffed animals, and providing them with their own little kids size book shelf will help make the space stimulating and entertaining as well as sparking their imagination, this way, they will take ownership of their little spot and will hopefully want to spend lots of time there.

Looking for classroom cozy corner ideas?

A little teepee hide away

Teepees are cute and cosy and they make for a very comfortable little hide away; turning story time into even more of an adventure. You can line the teepee with pillows and soft toys and it can be a lovely little spot for both of you to get into at night for bedtime stories. It’s also a nice little book metaphor as when you close the curtains, it’ll be like stepping into your own imaginary world! You could get creative and create your own and have your child help you so it could be a fun little project with a personal touch, or you can buy a themed one online with animals, cupcakes or flowers, for example.

Converted attic or closet space

Any unused spaces in your house, or perhaps a space you think you could make better use of, could be the perfect place to set up an inventive and imaginative little reading nook for your child to climb into and claim as their own. With a touch of creativity and a bit of DIY, you could convert a closet or attic space into a cosy little reading hub. Furnish it with some bean bags, pillows, blankets and some pretty pictures on the walls and you’re away.

Reading corner

Reading-NookIf you are short on space in your home and have a stricter budget, then why not transform the corner of a suitable room in your house into a dedicated reading corner. You could buy a small piece of corner furniture or you could make your own, or you could even just put a nice cosy blanket down on the floor. You can make the area even more cosy by draping some nice fabric or scarves from the walls or ceiling. Add in some cushions and a little stand-alone table or shelf for them to place their books and glass of water, and they’ll be all set to put their feet up and enjoy stories till their hearts content.

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