Browser Player Update!

iPhone showing Tales2go browser player on a blue background with orange, green, and red diagonal stripes

You can now access the browser-based player from your mobile device! This means you have the convenience of using the browsing filters and Subject Areas even if you're using your tablet or phone. As always, the content is the same across all devices (including any blocking implemented by your school). This just gives you another way to find the content you want.

How To Use It

Step 1

1. Using your mobile device's web browser, navigate to

Step 2

2. There you'll log in as normal (use the Schools & Students option if your subscription is provided by your school).

Step 3

3. Browse for stories, access your bookmarks and favorites. 

The Apps Still Work

Both the Apple app and the Android app are still available and functional. If you have already downloaded the app, you can continue to use it without any change in service. 

A Note About Cookies

The browser-based player requires cookies and an internet connection. You can listen to stories using either wifi or data.

Add a Shortcut on your iPad

Most mobile devices will allow you to create website shortcuts that appear on your home screen. This creates an icon that looks like the other apps on your device. As an example, this video shows how to save a shortcut to the player if you are using an iPad running iOS 13.6. To save a shortcut on another device, Google your device type and the term 'create shortcut.'

Create a Home Screen Bookmark from Tales2go on Vimeo.

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