Case Study: Pottsville Middle Grades School

Students sitting at physically distanced desks, wearing masks

This year has librarians and teachers refreshing their libraries and lessons and finding new ways to get students excited about listening and reading. This week, we're taking a closer look at one school that quadrupled their listening minutes!

School: Pottsville Middle Grades School
Tales2go Champion: Melissa Moudy
Title: Library Media Specialist

Audiobook shelf labels in libraryStudents and staff at Pottsville Middle Grades School are in school this year with some key additions to their regular routines. The school health and safety protocols included new technology that allows each student a dedicated Chromebook to use all day, every day. The school also uses a Google environment, which allows single sign-on access to Tales2go, saving valuable teaching time.

At the beginning of the school year, Library Media Specialist Melissa Moudy worked with each class ensuring everyone logged into Tales2go to associate their Google accounts with their Tales2go accounts. This way, for the rest of the year, students can simply click on the link to browse and listen without needing to log in and out for each class. In the initial classes, she also gave students class time to browse the library, and save favorites. This way, she knows everyone knows exactly how to use the resource.

Wish book with T2g spine labelHaving this easy access to titles has made a huge difference in students' interest in listening. Ms. Moudy shared, "in years past, they had a chrome book for each class, so they would log in and out of a different Chromebook each period. This year, I see kids walking from class to class listening to books on their Chromebooks."

Ms. Moudy has made some changes in the library, too:

This year, I have a designated shelf for books that are on Tales2Go. We encourage kids to follow along in the book as they listen, to increase fluency. The kids can check out books from this area and not listen but they at least know it’s available. I think seeing the books helps them decide to listen to it.

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Finally, they just read. Teachers make time for students to listen to and read books in class. Listening is encouraged for everyone and their growing number of SpEd students are now able to enjoy finishing good books along with their peers. 


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