Classroom and home audiobook activities

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We compiled a list of activities for audiobooks that can be completed in the classroom, and a list for at home use. Educators are encouraged to attend a webinar prior to using Tales2go to walk through the subscription and understand how all the features work!

Classroom and Library Activities:

  • Model listening skills and make a list of “rules” while listening
  • Use an audiobook as a read aloud (especially chapter books over a period of time)
  • Play a clip/excerpt of a title as a teaser or book talk
  • Setup listening centers or rotation based on topics/skills
  • Lead small group guided listening sessions - dive into a text!
  • Listen to reading during independent reading/SSR
  • Listen to reading during breakfast or snack time
  • Listen to reading during indoor recess
  • Have book clubs or shared listening
  • Have an “audio book of the week” and reward students for listening to it
  • Write an original story based on characters in the book (writing workshop)
  • Record original stories using a recording device
  • Create a play/skit after listening and perform it for the class
  • Make characters out of play-doh or clay
  • Listen to a sentence or two and try to repeat the expression in the narrators voice
  • Use pre-made lesson plans to help support your curriculum
  • Keep track of vocabulary words and what they mean
  • Complete graphic organizers
  • Students can have “free choice” where they are able to choose titles based on certain topics
  • Have your students keep track of listening minutes using a log
  • Find matching titles to your state’s reading list or award list
  • Talk about how the narrator’s expression helped them to understand the text
  • In the library have Tales2go as a choice when students are done checking out books
  • Listen to multiple titles in a series
  • If your students eat free/reduced breakfast, listen to a story while they eat
  • Draw pictures of what is happening in the story on a blank sheet of paper or comic strip.

Home Assignments and Activities:

  • Send home a letter and login guide to each family
  • Create a homework packet
  • Send home a list of titles to listen to. They can choose from that list or give them a time frame where all titles need to be completed
  • Depending on grade/age level, appropriately assign a weekly story (or two) along with an assignment like a graphic organizer that would correspond compare and contrast, find the main idea, character traits, etc.)
  • Encourage listening with parents which will strengthen relationships between families and build vocabulary for all
  • Have your students keep track of listening minutes using a log
  • Listen to a title at home that is also a movie!

This is NOT a comprehensive list! Please reach out to us and let us know other ways to use Tales2go in the classroom and at home.

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