Earth Day Activities

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Earth Day is not only a great time to think about how WE live on Earth but how animals and plants live, too! In this post you'll find great titles and activities for whole group listening, listening in small groups and individual listening as well for all ages and grade levels.

Here are a few ideas and lessons to do with your students to celebrate our magnificent Earth:

1. Check out our 1st and 2nd Grade Earth Unit.  You'll find that the lessons correlate nicely to Common Core State Standards (along with other state mandated standards as well!) This unit walks students through the Earth's layers, different landforms, habitats and ecosystems. Here's one example of a lesson you can do with your students.

2. Create an "Earth Day" listening center in your classroom. Here are some stories that your students will love:

3. Since listening is critical to reading comprehension, here's another way to get your students working on listening skills. This is a great activity for early childhood students.

  • Gather items from outside (seeds, flowers, grass, rocks, rain water, dirt, etc.)
  • Have students close or cover their eyes.
  • Put each item in a small container and see if students can guess what it is by shaking it.
  • Go to and type in any sound (birds, insects, rain, wind etc.) and see if students can guess what it is.
  • Take your students on a nature walk and have them listen and note what they hear!

4. Recycling is a very important and easy initiative that students should know and understand. After listening to Nature Recycles- How About You? by Michelle Lord, have your students make a list and draw what they can reduce, reuse or recycle at school and at home. You can use this great graphic organizer to help!

earthday reduce reuse recycle

What other listening activities do you do on Earth Day? Comment below and let us know!

Happy listening!


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