Featured Collection: Biographies

All good literacy programs include a balance of fiction and non-fiction texts for students. It's usually pretty simple to find those exciting fiction books that help teach a lesson or skill, but what about non-fiction? How do we find engaging non-fiction texts about history, science or a famous inventor? 

One way is to have your students listen to professionally narrated biographies. Many of you reading this are already familiar and comfortable with adding a listening component to your literacy instruction. But for those of you who are not yet, you can find resources all throughout our website like blogs such as Why Children Must Be Good Listeners, guest blogs, and research.

So let's see what some of the post popular audiobook biographies are for Elementary and Middle school students...

Audiobook Biographies for Elementary Students.png


Audiobook Biographies for Middle Schoolers.png

What can you do with these titles? Play one as a read aloud, break students up into small groups where each group performs a skit about the person's life, or have students prepare a book report after listening, reading and viewing a video about the person.

Use them during units about:

  • Famous inventors
  • Presidents
  • Sports legends
  • Musicians
  • Civil Rights
  • Famous people in history
  • Artists

Let us know how else you use (or will use) these titles with your students. Happy listening!

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