Featured: The Alcuin School

The Alcuin School in Dallas is showing Tales2go that they are not only great listeners, but all around avid readers! They just had a book fair where books were flying off the shelves. This blog post features the hard work The Alcuin School has put into their library program and is an inspiration to schools everywhere!

Their librarian, Mary Ann Campbell, sent over some great photos of students and wonderful testimonials that show how much they use and enjoy Tales2go.

listening on desktop


Mary Ann says, "The Parents' Club at Alcuin School (a Montessori and International Baccalaureate campus) in Dallas, Texas purchased a school-wide subscription in May--just in time for summer reading/listening. More than 100 families registered in June (often at the urging of their children). In September our parents set up a booth at our all-school open house featuring posters and a printed list of available Tales2go titles. This event resulted in another 100 families joining our Tales2go community. Now our parents are planning to introduce more families to Tales2go by displaying information about Tales2go along with a display of books that are part of the Tales2go library at our Alcuin School Book Fair. Our goal is to enroll every Alcuin family! Thank you for providing such an important resource for all readers, and especially for those who are auditory learners."

listening tales2go


"Another way we are beginning to use Tales2go in the library is to help our auditory learners select a book on Tales2go and provide the same book that can be followed as they listen." Check out the "Ivy & Bean" book sitting next to the computer :)

family listening tales2go


In November, they had a book fair. "The Alcuin School Book Fair included a display table, laptop, Tales2go poster, and several copies of the newest Diary of a Wimpy kid book (which sold out at the Book Fair). Not to worry! Just log on to your Tales2go account and listen to the book!"

In the month of November, students at the Alcuin School listened to 7,629 minutes on Tales2go! It's so great to see so much usage and we know it will keep growing.

Happy listening and thanks to the Alcuin School for the testimonials and pics!

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