Fiction and Empathy

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Did you know that engaging with fictional stories is not only important, but also necessary work? Even seemingly silly stories with anthropomorphized characters aid students' emotional and social development. In fact, recent research shows that engaging with fictional stories can help increase empathy. Empathic people have been shown to exhibit more prosocial behaviors, be more productive, and more creative - all necessary skills - especially in today's social climate. 

Fictional Emotions Lead to Real Emotional Change

The main goal of fictional storytelling is to engage the reader or listener with the characters by eliciting an emotional attachment. Good stories have us rooting for the protagonist and feeling their pain when they encounter challenges. According to Bal and Veltkamp, imagining a fictional world and seeing through the eyes of the characters allows us to actually experience the thoughts and feelings of characters in a story. These experiences are like emotional work outs, helping us strengthen our empathic abilities.

Animated book flipping to a page that says Practice EmpathyConcrete Learning of Intangibles

In education, we often introduce new skills with concrete, or hands-on, demonstrations. For example, allowing students to physically experience quantity by counting beads helps them literally 'get a feel' of the concepts. As understanding grows, we move towards abstraction - like using numbers to represent the beads. But how do we teach social skills, when emotions can't be represented tangibly?Researchers are showing us that storytelling does just that, and humans have been doing this since the earliest days. By engaging with fictional stories, students feel real emotions, getting the concrete experiences they need to learn. As teachers, we can use these vignettes to spur conversations and explorations that move students from those concrete experiences to more abstract ones. This way, students can explore social interactions and better understand the world.

Fiction as a Role Model

One of the best things about fiction is that anything can happen! Good storytellers create entire fantastical worlds that feel real. These imaginative scenarios can provide real life goals and support for listeners and readers. Relating to the dragon-riding heroine who alleviates the suffering of others can encourage students to be more supportive and thoughtful in the real world. Stories that provide multiple accounts of a single event or interaction show different perspectives and demonstrate the importance of considering each. Discussions about characters' personalities, goals, and skills are a great way to help students transfer their knowledge from the fantasy worlds into the real world and their own lives.

How has listening to or reading fiction impacted your emotional education? Do you use fictional stories as a teaching tool? Share with us in the comments!

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