Fresh Decade, Fresh Dedication

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We hope that you've all enjoyed a restful and rejuvenating holiday season with your loved ones. In speaking with many of you, we've been hearing about your renewed dedication to your listening and literacy programs. This week, we're sharing some of the great ideas you've been telling us about - from pushes launched before the break to things you're looking forward to trying this year. Keep reading for inspiration, and as always, please share your tips and ideas with us, so we can include your thoughts in our next roundup!

Sharing is Caring

Many of you shared ways you remind everyone they have access to this library of nearly 10,000 titles. As a digital resource, it's crucial that your staff and students remember to listen in the earliest phases of adoption. Once it becomes part of their routines and habits, occasional reminders like showcasing new or trending titles can keep the practice going. 

  • Take advantage of existing communications - add blurbs in classroom or school newsletters, put a splash banner on your library's homepage, and mention Tales2go during morning announcements
  • If your school or library is on social media, get a post once or twice a month to remind all your followers

Build a bandwagon

Many of you have told us about the importance of getting your teachers and staff on board. If your teaching staff are engaging in listening themselves, they're more likely to build listening into their daily curricula.

  • Pass out sweet reminders at faculty meetings (click the link below for some printables). 
  • Put a little table tent at the coffee machine, in the faculty fridge, or with a basket of home-baked goodies.

Click here for free printables!

Facilitate Family Listening

The fact that Tales2go works wherever there's wifi means that students can listen at home, at school, and everywhere in between. Those of you who have family literacy programs can encourage listening as a family. Be sure to have information available at your next Family Night and if you can have some devices available for demonstration, that can go a long way to helping reluctant family members get started. 

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