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One unfortunate reality of educator life is that funding is limited, and it often takes a little creativity in finding ways to finance the necessary resources for students. We hear your frustrations on this front and do everything we can to work with schools after already keeping rates as low as possible. After all, our goal is to get stories to students! To that end, in this post, we are sharing three resources for potential funding resources.

In a previous post, we outlined key points to cover in your grant applications, information you'll need to have on hand when completing applications, as well as a list of possibly available grants with which subscribers have had success.  Be sure to check out that post as well.

School Library Journal

In this article, SLJ covers the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which includes funding for K-12 schools. Click here to read the article and learn more about why American Library Association president, Julius C. Jefferson Jr said, "this is a historic win for libraries."

American Library Association

This page on the ALA site is dedicated to information on advocacy and funding. The Library Services and Technology Act is a federally funded program exclusively for libraries and is distributed by state libraries. 

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund

This page, hosted by the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, discusses the ESSER Fund. This is approximately $13.2 billion specifically set aside for state educational agencies. It was signed into law on March 27, 2020, and as of this writing, funds are still being distributed.

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Many schools and programs have had success in winning grants to purchase Tales2go audiobook subscriptions.

A follow-up to this post was released in October 2021. Click here to jump there.

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