Need a Getaway?

Red latte mug filled with hot chocolate with several mini marshmallows floating on top. The mug is sitting on a wooden surface with bowls of mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and cookies in the background. In the foreground are a black, grey, and white piece of fabric and a spoon containing a little bit of hot chocolate.

The days are still short, the weather isn’t great, and we’re all starting to get a little restless. Sounds dour, but we think it’s actually the perfect time for a little mindset recharge and reframe! Sometimes we need to get away just so we can come back feeling refreshed. Of course, travel is a little limited these days, and even our get aways are getting a makeover. So, go make a mug of your favorite warming beverage (DM us for our Perfect Cocoa+ Recipe) and keep reading for some hot ideas for getting through this cold winter.

Create Comfort For Calm and Refocus

Lots of things can comfort us - warm hugs, a favorite dish, a memorable scent. One of our librarians recently pointed out that many of us have fond memories of being read to as children. Some of us had traditional family stories shared at specific times, or maybe someone read to us in the library, our classroom, or at home. Take a moment to think back on those memories. Focus on the specific things that come to mind - was it warm or cold; who was reading to you; how was your body arranged? Once you have those details in mind, consider how you could create a similar environment for your students or children. Reluctant readers, distant learners, and students of all ages (yes, even teenagers!) enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of listening to a story well told. This moment of comfort you create will calm their nervous systems, allowing you to refocus their energy. Bonus: creating these opportunities for comfort will place listening to stories in students’ tool box for self-soothing - an important aspect of self care. 

Create an Escape to Spark Imagination

An orangey red drink in a flute with an umbrella and citrus wedge sits on a brown surface in front of a view of open blue water and a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds

Wishing you were on a sunny beach, sipping a fruity drink with a little umbrella? Us too. With just a little prep, far less expense, and safer than an actual beach trip right now, you can create your own little escape! Take your students on a quick trip to the beach to reset their stress levels and open up their imaginations. You can fit your whole trip into a single class period and enjoy the refreshed feeling for days!

You will need:

  • Juice in tropical flavors
  • Crushed ice
  • Cups (bonus if they’re colorful)
  • Bendy straws
  • Wooden skewers
  • Medium to heavyweight paper (bonus if it’s printed, like scrapbook paper)
  • Yoga mats

Turn up the heat in your classroom or library. Follow these three steps to make some little paper umbrellas; one for each traveler in your group. Fill cups with crushed ice, pour juice until it just covers the ice, add a bendy straw and an umbrella. Arrange yoga mats on the floor (remember to follow distancing guidelines). Queue up a beach waves meditation track. Invite each of your fellow travelers to pick a lounge mat, enjoy a drink, and share their perfect sunny getaway dream!

More: Let your students choose their own adventures!

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