Go (Stuffed) Bear Hunting!

Stuffed bunny in a MaskThe weather is starting warm up and that has us all itching to get outside. Are you doing regular family walks? Whether you're strolling down sidewalks or country lanes, many more of us are getting our daily does of Vitamin D from enjoying the outdoors on walks.

Even though this outside time is a good break from the walls of home, by this time, you might need a walk refresh. Luckily, many communities are participating in bear and bunny hunts with participants displaying stuffed animals in their windows. See how many you can find on your next adventure. Good news for grown ups - this activity supports literacy (listening, vocabulary building, writing), math (counting, measuring), art (drawing, sewing) and science (animal habitats, observation, documentation).

Start with Stories

Listen to some stories about the sorts of antics that stuffed animals can get up to when we're not looking. Our stuffed friends are working extra hard these days, without getting to rest while we're at school and work. Give them a break and host a story time with all your stuffie friends! [Definitely snap a photo and tag us (@tales2go) in your post!]



Sit for a PortraitDrawings of stuffed animals

It's important to keep updated images of your fluffy friend(s) in case they go on an adventure and need help finding their way back. Take some time to draw a few portraits of your friends. These portraits were created by the Tales2go Sales Interns, JR and Simon. Check out some of their other works on Twitter and Instagram!

Imagine what adventures they might enjoy and draw some pictures of what that might look like. You could even write out some stories of their adventures and draw some illustrations. Some selfies wouldn't go amiss either. 

Get Out There

Headed out for your walk? Be sure your lovey stays safe with a mask too! Ms. Bunny pictured above is modeling her Tales2go mask, custom made for her. We've heard these little masks are tough to find, so we have a pattern for you to download right here. Repurpose a scrap of fabric and practice your sewing skills or use a paper napkin and tape!

Walk Log ImageRecord Your Adventure

Every avid adventurer keeps a log of their travels to remember where they've been and plot out where they want to go. Download this log sheet and keep track of your observations each day. Remember to include drawings of any animals you saw and keep notes on what you hope to see next time!

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