Go With the Flow

two male mallards swimming across calm water

We've all experienced it - being so engrossed in a project that time whizzes by. Many researchers have studied this phenomenon called flow. This week, we'd like to make a case for finding your flow. We're all home more than usual, juggling upended routines and taking on new projects and responsibilities. These stressors can make it difficult to focus even for the most diligent adults, let alone children who want to play! But as Mary Poppins says, "in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and snap! the job's a game." Of course, we can't make everything a game, but that's not going to stop us trying!

Life is Full of Lessons

Students don't have to be seated at a desk, in front of a screen, using paper or pencils to learn. Many students are learning math by cooking with their family members - scaling up or down recipes. Shopping for groceries is a highlight of the week - requiring meal planning, considering nutrition, calculating prices, setting a budget. All these tasks are the work of every day life and doing them as a family is a life lesson in community and support for one another. Remember that the purpose of school is to prepare students for successful lives, and this time is full of opportunities for learning about life. Think of it as the original Project Based Learning!

Want more embedded education? Look out! Math is everywhere!

Resilience Reigns

Focus on the Good

Just by trying, and making the daily effort to keep moving forward, you're teaching the children around you that resilience matters. Take an afternoon to try something new together, or take turns teaching each other one of your favorite things. Working through stress together builds resilience, reminds us all that asking for help is a good thing, and benefits everyone. Memes about perseverance and just showing up abound these days, and there's a good reason. In stressful times, it's important to acknowledge the difficulty and then take little steps to keep going. Each little step moves you a little closer to something better. 

Want to learn more about flow? Try listening to The Element by Sir Ken Robinson.

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