A Great Addition to Reading Instruction at Van Meter

The following is a post written by Teacher Librarian and Tales2go user, Kim James. Thank you for sharing your Tales2go experience, Kim!

This is my second year as a K-12 teacher librarian in Van Meter. I was a middle school English teacher in another district before transitioning to library. I have always loved reading and I want to focus on free choice reading and literacy skills as a librarian. I always visit with students about good books when they come to the library and Tales2go fits well in that conversation.

I first discovered Tales2go last spring and immediately fell in love. I expected a subscription service to have mostly little known titles. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Tales2go offers a huge selection of popular titles. Teachers and students have also been impressed with the selection available on Tales2go. Amanda, a third grade teacher, says “I appreciate how easy Tales2go is for students to utilize. I love how they have access to multiple genres right at their fingertips!”

students listening to audio books on tales2go
I first introduced Tales2go to the teachers in my school with an informational webinar last spring. Several elementary teachers left the webinar very excited about Tales2go and implemented it in their classroom the very next day! That spring I visited elementary classes and middle school English classes to teach students how to log into Tales2go. This year I have taught students to access Tales2go during their scheduled library classes.

students listening to audio books

Several teachers use Tales2go as an option during their free reading time and many students choose to listen to audiobooks on Tales2go. Sometimes I have students draw a character or scene from the book while they listen. Some students like to read along with a print book as they listen and that is a great way for lower level readers to engage with a text. Amy, a third grade teacher, says

“It gives students that may not be able to read more complex texts an opportunity to still hear quality stories.”

Staci, a second grade teacher, says, “My second grade students love using Tales2go!” The students especially love browsing titles by series! Second graders were excited to find Junie B. Jones, Anansi, and Clifford, just to name a few. Students also really like that they can bookmark their spot and come back to it later. One student told me that she likes adding books to the favorites list.

Tales2go has been a great addition to our reading instruction at Van Meter and is well loved by both teachers and students.

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Kim's school has access to Tales2go's streaming audiobooks through her consortium-wide subscription. There are many types of subscriptions to fit your budget and needs. Contact us for more information!

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