High Schoolers Love Audiobooks

High schoolers are busy and their schedules can be stressful. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to relax and enjoy a book for pleasure while leaving hands free. Turn on a good story and instantly get transported to a different time and place - it's the best staycation!

Teenagers and parents alike listen to audiobooks while doing chores around the house, working out, driving, and checking Instagram. Listening to the same story as other family members might even help spark interesting new dinner conversations.

In the video below, Kate from Katesbookdate on YouTube shares some of the things she likes to do while listening to audiobooks. 

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Football season has begun, and we're carrying concepts from the field into the classroom. So this week, we've got a line up of football titles and activities to kick off your school year. 

We believe children need to be good listeners before they can become great readers. We also believe that listening skills lead to better writing skills - for many of the same reasons.

Pollen counts are rising and so is the title count in the Tales2go library. We've been uploading new titles as fast as we can! No matter the ages and stages of your students, and across all…

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