Independence Day Audio and Activities

Ready to celebrate this weekend? With picnics, fireworks, music and family, we have so much fun, but often forget the true meaning and reason behind the "4th of July."

We've compiled several great audio books and activities for you to use this week and throughout the year to expose your students to authentic history, including a reading of The Declaration of Independence. Enjoy!


declaration of independence audio book Full Reading of the Declaration of the Independence read by Rod Rawlings


Here some other great non-fiction titles about important people and documents to get your students listening to reading and learning about how the USA gained their independence.

stories about independence day
Here's are two great activities to complete along with listening to some of these titles. Thanks for sharing, Jenifer Bazzit and More Than Math by Mo.

Found on

4th of July Freebie


Here are a couple more titles to use when learning about the U.S. Independence Day...

sophia's war and george vs. george
And lastly, one more GREAT resource for you to use in your classroom to go along with one of the above titles. Thanks Where the Wild Things Learn for sharing.

george vs. george audio book

Happy listening and have a GREAT 4th of July!!

Stephanie :)

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