Is Your Listening Center Ready?

Hi Teachers!

How do you prepare your classroom for the new school year? Do you scramble to put posters up, organize books and get everything in the right place before the students rush in? Or do you put things in their place as you discuss them (i.e. rules, consequences, procedures, phonics posters, etc.?)

Here are some ways you can prepare your listening area so it can be ready for the kids when they come in!

  • Have headphones separated into bins or hanging so they don’t get tangled
  • Hang a list of rules for the listening area (see below!)
  • Make a space for the devices the students will be using (iPad, laptop, etc.)
  • Show pictures of how to put devices back properly

    Picture From The Clutter-Free Classroom Picture From The Clutter-Free Classroom

It’s up to you how rules and procedures should be displayed in your listening area, but here are some ideas you can use.

  • Get out and put away device quietly
  • Stay in one spot
  • Choose (teacher approved) book quickly
  • Listen the whole time
  • Complete activity by yourself

Let me know if you have any more great ideas to set up a listening area in your classroom!

Happy listening!


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