Jingle Books!


Getting your students and staff interested and excited about listening is often down to their first introduction to audiobooks. First impressions matter, and finding a title that grabs your audience's attention from the first listen is important. That's why the winter holiday season is a great time to draw in new listeners! The world is already conspiring to put everyone in a festive mood - why not capitalize on that momentum and introduce audiobooks as another way to enjoy the season? This week, we're sharing just a small sampling of the holiday related titles in the Tales2go catalog.

Remind parents that students have access to this resource - you can add recommended titles to the customizable reminder card below and print for students to take home. Just click the image to download a sheet of four with editable fields for you to add title or listening ideas! Families can listen together as they prepare for company. Those who are traveling over the holidays can save luggage space and pack over 9,500 titles in a single pocket, with anywhere access to the entire Tales2go catalog. Need activities that appeal to school age cousins and great grandma? Pick a classic holiday title, connect to your digital assistant via Bluetooth, and play the story for everyone to enjoy together! As school starts to wind down and student energy levels wind up, you can listen in those last few days before break. Play a story while decorating for your classroom holiday party, and host a book talk over cocoa afterwards.

Winter Ear Warmers

There are so many ways to share stories this time of year - we'd love to hear how you're incorporating stories into your holiday schedule. If you share on social media, be sure to tag us! Find us @tales2go on Instagram, Twitter, and /tales2go on Facebook. 

Winter Ear Warmer Titles

Holiday Stories

How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas by Jeff Guin

In this delightful follow-up to Jeff Guinn's "The Autobiography of Santa Claus,” listeners hear the tale of jolly ol' Mrs. Claus and how she saved Christmas! Children, parents and entire families will enjoy this holiday classic!

Santa's Underwear by Marty Rhodes Figley

It's Christmas Eve and Santa is busy getting gussied up for the big night. But when he goes to put on his warm, cozy (holey, ragged) Christmas underwear, they're nowhere to be found! With undies for every occasion, he tries on the rest of his collection. But nothing is quite right. Just when he's about to give up he find a surprise from his considerate team of reindeer. Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!

Miss Holly is Too Jolly by Dan Gutman

Disaster reigns when A.J. participates in the school's holiday pageant celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Something weird is going on! Miss Holly, the Spanish teacher, is hanging mistletoe everywhere! That means boys will have to kiss girls. And girls will have to kiss boys. Ugh! Miss Holly is taking the holidays way too far!

Stories and Sips

Attract chilly students and staff to your library with the scent of warm cider or hot chocolate. My elementary librarian held our book fair between Thanksgiving and winter break. She always had spiced cider available throughout the week, and the delicious smell of cider wafting out of the gym would draw everyone in for a look. If you have students coming into your library or media center already, encourage them to choose a comfy spot for listening and sip some cider or cocoa. The great thing about audiobooks is there's nothing to hold or look at, so you can dim the lights, wrap your hands around a warm mug and just enjoy a delicious story. 

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