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This blog post was written by Mrs. P, of the award winning storytime website. Thanks for sharing your love for audiobooks!

Mrs. P’s Top Ten List of Why Audiobooks are Great for Kids:

  1. They help to build vocabulary
  2. They develop & hone comprehension
  3. They strengthen listening skills
  4. They improve reading achievement
  5. They create a motivation to read
  6. They introduce new genres that students might not otherwise consider
  7. They provide students an opportunity to read above their level
  8. They allow you to read anywhere
  9. They are a great family activity
  10. They help create wonderful conversation afterwardsMrs. P in the Park

I’ve built my website around the art of storytelling (in the sense of reading classic stories to an audience) because it creates a special bond between the reader and the listener. The reader, with only words and the passion of her voice, is helping the listener create their own special version of a story, with their own specific images from their own imaginations. No two listeners will ever have the same experience hearing a story because each listener is an active participant in its creation. It’s the difference between watching a baseball game on TV and going outside and playing your own game. Unless you get beaned in the head by a line drive, odds are creating your own game will be more fun, memorable and fulfilling than just watching someone else’s creation.  And that’s why I love audiobooks.

I’m fortunate in that I get to visit with students all across the country by meeting them through various technologies such as Skype and Google Hangout. But before I visit, teachers have had their students listen to one of my stories so they are familiar with who I am. I am always amazed when they meet me at the range of their questions. They inquire where my accent is from; how did I create the sound for a particular character; what a certain vocabulary word meant; and so many things that show me they picked up a lot from listening to one of my stories. This pleases me so as one of my main goals with my storytelling website is the spark the imaginations of young readers. I am seeing the results first hand about what happens when they listen.

I have a whole collection of my stories on Tales2go. I hope you will give them a listen in your classroom and witness the results of listening!

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