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Subscribers love the flexibility of their Library Licenses! Don't be fooled - just because it's called a Library License doesn't mean you have to use it in the library! It's only called that because the licenses are individually lendable - meaning you can give them to anyone you want, for any duration of time. Today we're sharing five of the genius ways schools are using their lendable licenses. 

Reading SpecialistReading Specialist Resource

One reading specialist works with students across her entire district throughout the school year. The amount of time she gets to spend with students depends on their individual needs and progress. Her Library License allows her to lend licenses to students as she sees fit. She can get her students engaged in the first book of a series (like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Boxcar Children) and they can continue through the rest of the titles on their own.

The licenses give students autonomy over their own literacy practice while allowing her to keep up with them from anywhere. Student can choose their own titles, and she can check regularly to see when their last activity was without infringing on their process. Because the licenses don't expire until she chooses, her students can continue listening and learning after her one-on-one time with them is over. 

Fluid ProgramSupporting A Fluid Program

A teacher who works at an alternative high school uses her Library License to lend accounts to students who participate in her school's semester-long programs. The Young Adult nonfiction titles are the perfect supplement to the programs' technical and life skills course work.

Because she knows that students can benefit from listening to content beyond their reading ability, this resource teacher purposely recommends titles that are aimed at professionals. Seeing these recommendations subtly raises students' sense of self-efficacy by showing them new opportunities for goals. 

Book ClubBook Club

A librarian hosts a book club that's open to all students in her middle school. She encourages everyone to participate, and is able to provide many paper copies of the title, thanks to donations. She has some students who want to participate, but whose reading proficiency or confidence holds them back. She purposely chooses titles for her book club that are available on Tales2go so she can promote audiobooks equally alongside the paper books. 

By making audio and text equal options for her book club, she can attract more students. The understanding that audio is just "reading with your ears" is catching on amongst the staff at her school, as well. More teachers are supporting diversity of resources and including audio in their regular lesson planning.

Foreign LanguageForeign Language Class

A high school Spanish teacher uses an immersion style teaching method. She encourages her students to listen to familiar children's books in Spanish to support their fluency. As is commonly the case, her students' written ability was outpacing their listening and speaking skills. They could achieve high scores on written assignments and tests, but oral portions were a struggle. She now incorporates listening assignments followed by class discussions to encourage their ears to "get a feeling for the language."

InfluencerPilot Program

Several schools have dipped their toes into the sea that is audiobooks with a Library License. Some start by providing licenses to a few key student "influencers." Librarians know who the avid readers are and listening is no different. In one K-12 school, the Library Media Specialist lent licenses to several students she knew would be interested in listening to stories. She asked for their feedback, and worked with them to encourage other students and teachers to embrace audiobooks. 

Because the licenses she lends remain active as long as she wants, she can allow her "influencers" to hold onto their licenses year-round. Meanwhile, she can lend out the remaining licenses to other students who express interest and rotate them. As more students become avid listeners, she can add licenses to expand her subscription.


Do you have a Library License? How are you using it? We'd love to hear your take! Share your stories with us on social media or send us an email. You might be featured in our next post!

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