Listening Bingo!

Summer is all about fun and games, so we've put together this bingo board to help you make the most of your Summer Listening Program. With unlimited access to the full catalog of 9,100+ streaming titles, we're sure you'll have a fully covered board in no time!

Tales2go Summer Bingo Board

Teachers and librarians, send this board around to your students, and colleagues too. If you use Google Ed, you can share the pdf in your class folder and students can copy it to their folders to share their listening progress real time. If you're still in school and plan to print these, remember to print double sided so your participants can easily keep track of the titles they've heard. Encourage everyone to go for bingo, and enter cover-all boards into a drawing for a prize at the beginning of the school year!

Other bingo win ideas:

  • Regular bingo
Regular Win
  • Four corners
  • Diagonals

Four Corners

Remember to pair this with your Summer Listening Program checklists!

Click the image below to download the pdfs.

Summer Listening Header

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