Middle School Mania!

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Studies have shown that listening comprehension outpaces reading comprehension until about 8th grade. In middle school, for some students, following along with the text helps with reading comprehension (they are not stuck on words or concepts) but it might hinder others and they are able to comprehend better with just listening/no distractions. This really goes student-by-student and as an educator I know you understand that what works for one student may not work for another!

There are so many ways to use Tales2Go at the middle school are a few!

1. Non-Fiction Assignments

Tales2Go has HUNDREDS of educational and enjoyable titles for middle school students. Some middle school educators use Tales2Go as a non-fiction resource for their students, especially for reports and research projects. For example, there are some GREAT biographies ranging from Napoleon to Nikola Tesla to Louis Pasteur!

middle school biography audio books

2. Learning Resources, Lesson Plans and Activities

We have a middle school section on our learning resources site. It is growing! Teachers will find units such as historical fiction (using titles such as Johnny Tremain, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and My Brother Sam is Dead) and science. You'll also find graphic organizers there to use with your students. 

tales2go learning resources vocabulary words

3. Transmedia

As far as a "transmedia" experience, use Tales2Go as one way of providing your students with different ways of receiving and interpreting information about a subject/topic (i.e. listen to something, read something, watch something, etc.)

4. Homework and Parent Involvement

Another great way to use Tales2Go is to assign listening for homework. Some teachers will assign one book per month and have students do assignments such as a book report or responses throughout (after each chapter or section.) Others have them listen at home and keep track on a book log, but they get to choose the title. This is great for students who are above/below their grade reading level - it really gets them excited because they get to read what they want instead of what is assigned! You can also add a place for a parent signature :)

book log tales2go

Let me know if I can provide you with any other resources or information. All of our learning resources can be found here.  You’ll find lesson plans and graphic organizers for different units and topics here, not only for  middle school!

How else do you use Tales2Go in your middle school classroom? Comment to let us know!

Happy listening :)


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