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In the most recent post I gave you some ideas to use with your students for spring break, including a listening log. I just recently found one of the BEST weekly listening logs on Teachers Pay Teachers that I HAD to share! Check this out!

weekly reading and comprehension log

I love that each day focuses on a different skill or question! Do you send out weekly homework assignments or one day at a time?

With standards emphasizing non-fiction and informative texts, here is a list of some of our latest, greatest newly added upper elementary and middle school narratives, novels and non-fiction titles.

  • With Wolfe in Canada: A Tale of the French and Indian War
  • True to the Old Flag: A Tale of the American War of Independence
  • Captain Bayley’s Heir: A Tale of the California Gold Mines
  • In the Heart of the Rockies: A Story of Adventure in Colorado
  • With Lee in Virginia: A Tale of the American Civil War
  • White Faced Dick: A Story of Pine-Tree Gulch (G.A. Henty Short Stories Vol. 1)
  • A Brush with the Chinese (G.A. Henty Short Stories Vol. 1)
  • A Frontier Girl (G.A. Henty Short Stories Vol. 1)
  • Surly Joe (G.A. Henty Short Stories Vol. 1)
  • The Plague Ship (G.A. Henty Vol. 1)
  • Frederick Douglass: An American Slave  (Autobiography)
    (Students can follow along with the text on this site: The Tales2Go audio version starts with the appendix and then goes to Chapter 1. Use Ctrl+F to search for words in order)

Here are a few responses and organizers to use with these titles:




Research has shown that exposing students to sophisticated spoken language helps improve their fluency, vocabulary and word knowledge. Here are even more non-fiction or narrative texts that will get your students the vocabulary they need!

  • Between the Wars
  • Battles of the Civil War
  • Carolina's Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick, Too!
  • Climate Challenge (The Magic School Bus Series)
  • Dolley Madison: First Lady of the United States
  • Lost on a Mountain in Maine
  • Modern Middle East
  • Pocahontas
  • Still Marching Strong: Women in Modern America
  • Waterbeds: Sleeping in the Ocean

 Happy listening!

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