Instill Confidence In Children Through Storytelling

**This is a guest post, written by Jenny Holt.

When data is shared through a story, you are 22 times more likely to recall the information. Storytelling has the power to capture our attention…

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4 Ways to Just Do Your Best

How is everyone doing this week? We're enjoying all your posts on Instagram and Twitter, showing how you're making the most of our new normal. We know there is just a lot of information out there,…

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We're All in This Together

Many of you are reading this post from your new home work spaces! First, thank you all for doing what you can. Second, we know it's not easy for everyone. Some may welcome this time at home to…

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Take Care - Updated

**This post was updated on April 22, 2020, to reflect a revised offer to continue supporting schools. 

Like you, we've been keeping a close watch on the news lately. We've also heard from many of…

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Women's History Month 2020

Every March, we celebrate women's and girls' contributions to our global history. This year, we're back with new titles that chronicle the myriad ways women have helped to shape this wonderful…

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Black History Month

It's become a February tradition for us to focus on the titles in our catalog that relate to Black History Month. It's a great chance to look back at some notable new titles from the past year.…

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Super Series! Elementary Edition

Series are a great way to introduce listening. Students can try a bunch of different stories, genres, or narrators until they find a story that gets them hooked. Once they find a story they like,…

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Share the Love

Valentine's Day is around the corner! What better way to share your love of listening and reading than with a Valentine? Whether you're encouraging your students, colleagues, sports team, or even…

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You Should Go and Love Yourself

Coming up on the month of love, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone to take love yourselves! Just like the safety announcements on planes tell us - we need to help ourselves…

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Get Listening with Lerner!

This month, we're extending a warm welcome to Lerner Publishing - the newest addition to the Tales2go family. There's something for everyone in this latest batch of titles - from science to…

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